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Welcome - we’ve got you!

Hi parents, we are so glad you’re here. Just to set the tone from the outset – this is a guilt-free zone. There are no “should”s or shame here. We’re all doing our best (us included).

There’s no doubt about it, building a more positive body image in our kids can feel completely overwhelming. We’re here to make life easier with a range of resources to help you help your kids Embrace their bodies.

So, where to begin?

Take your kids to see the Embrace Kids film for an injection of inspiration, and then direct them to the sections for young people on the Embrace Hub. We have created developmentally-appropriate resources to empower kids to fuel, move, appreciate and be kind to their bodies in separate sections for younger tweens (9-12 year olds) and adolescents (13+ years). And just for you, we’ve recorded a podcast and written the Embrace Kids book!

Parents are a powerful influence on the way kids feel about themselves, and many of us know just how damaging it can be to feel shame about our bodies. We want something different for our kids – and the Embrace Hub is here to help you create this change.

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Watch The Trailer

Embrace Kids is a powerful, uplifting film that tackles some of the biggest issues facing young people today, from body image and bullying to gender identity and more. With the help of famous friends like Celeste Barber, the film encourages young people to figure out what makes them unique and use that to spark change. Recommended for kids aged 9-14 (but grown-ups can watch too!)
Five things you can do right now
to help your kids embrace their bodies:
Stop saying negative things about your own and other people’s bodies.
Show your kids how you respond to yourself with self-compassion and kindness instead of self-criticism.
Model moving and fueling your body because you respect and value your body, not for punishment.
Have a conversation with your kids about all of the amazing things your body can do.
Fix your social media feeds together - unfollow anyone that makes you feel bad about your body.

+ A bonus one
If you haven’t done it already - throw away the scales and any diet products or books!
There is no need to focus on weight - just focus on your health.

The Embrace Your Body Podcast

Dr Zali Yager and Taryn Brumfitt bring you the Embrace Your Body Podcast! 

Just two body image experts unpacking all the things you need to know, along with practical strategies and top tips backed by science (without the boring bits). Season one is aimed at empowering parents to understand and implement the messages from the Embrace Kids film. 

Watch each video episode below, or subscribe, download and listen to the audio wherever you usually get your podcast fix.

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episode 1

In this episode, we learn more about our hosts, Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager – who they are and why they are here…


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episode 2

In this episode we talk about using the ‘F’ Word (fat), and why it’s ok to say it, as well as the things we need to stop saying about our bodies… 

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episode 3

In this episode, we also talk about inclusion and representation of people of all expressions of gender, all shapes and sizes…


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episode 4

In this episode, we talk through the science behind #bekind, and how you can learn to respond to yourself with self compassion…
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episode 5

In this episode we talk through the science and the stories behind the importance of remembering that our bodies do…

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episode 6

In this episode, we dive into the research about the sorts of media and images we were exposed to as kids, and how social media is…

Embrace Kids: The Book

Embrace Kids is the inspiring and practical new book from our very own dynamic duo, Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager. 

Embrace Kids is divided into two parts. The first section helps parents accept and appreciate their own bodies so they can role-model this to their kids. Part two combines stories and science to cover all the major areas of concern for parents, like managing the food environment and the influence of social media, peer drama and bullying. 

This is a book for every parent who wants to do everything they can to help their kids be confident in who they are and how they look.

Other resources for parents


I commit to Embracing my body- and
helping my kids Embrace their bodies too!

Downloadable Resources

download these free resources to help your players embrace their bodies!

All Bodies Are Amazing Printable Art

Be Kind To
Yourself Desktop Wallpaper

Doing The
Best That I Can Printable Art


Embrace Key Messages To Remember Printable

The Self Compassion Traffic Light Worksheet

Info & Inspo

Current research is now showing that boys are generally just as dissatisfied with their bodies and appearance as girls are- …

As adults, we are all worried about the impact of social media on adolescents’ body image – but have we …

When we were younger, diets were on the front page of magazines. After 20 years of researchers and Dietitians saying …

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