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If you are involved in sporting clubs or community groups that work with young people, you’ve come to the right place! We would love to get the Embrace Kids message out in as many ways as we can to help all kids Embrace their bodies for life.

Change starts with you- we’ve got some great downloadable resources below, all about creating more supportive sporting environments that can help young people to Embrace their bodies. These are helpful for all people involved in sport and physical environments- from parents and volunteers to club officials and coaches. Have a look, and most importantly- pass these resources on to others!

Downloadable resources

download these free resources to help your players embrace their bodies!

Sporting Environment Printable

Our Team

How To Get Your Club To Reconsider Sport Uniforms Printable

How To Talk About Bodies In Sport & PE Printable

Move Your
Body Printable


Play Video

Watch The Trailer

Embrace Kids is a powerful, uplifting film that tackles some of the biggest issues facing young people today, from body image and bullying to gender identity and more. With the help of famous friends like Celeste Barber, the film encourages young people to figure out what makes them unique and use that to spark change. Recommended for kids aged 9-14 (but grown-ups can watch too!)

How You Can Access
The Embrace Kids Film in 2022

Bring the Embrace Kids Message to your Sporting Club or Community Group


If your local cinema is showing Embrace Kids, make a booking to take your team or group to see the film when it is released on Sept 1. Contact your local cinema & get started.


Contact our Screening Coordinator to
arrange a screening of Embrace Kids at a cinema near you for your sporting club from Sept 1.


Contact our Screening Coordinator to arrange an Embrace Kids Screening Event at your sporting club or community group from Nov 10.

(All Embrace Kids Screenings include a license to show the film, and a free Schools Screening Kit)

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Work With Us

Our Embrace Hub Experts are available to engage with sporting and community groups to give keynote talks, webinars, workshops, consulting and partnerships. We’re open to big ideas that can contribute to epic impact. Email us with your needs and we will see what we can do.


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