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I am A


I am A


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Embrace kids is
changing young lives for the better

The Embrace Hub is here to bring you innovative, engaging body image resources. We’ve brought together the best evidence and creative minds to educate and inform young people, parents, teachers and sports coaches.

Our goal? To inspire every young person around the world to Embrace their bodies, and to create the body-image safe environments for them to learn, grow and thrive in.
What you see here now is just the beginning.
So much more is possible.

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A simple, practical guide for promoting better body image in community sport, and fostering a sporting culture that's safe and welcoming for all bodies.

by embrace

by embrace

A professional development program for early childhood educators to help early learners build a positive relationship with food, movement and their bodies.
Bring the EMBRACE KIDS film into your classroom! An engaging, curriculum-aligned program for Years 5-8 with no additional teacher training required.


We’ve got a problem...

Body image is a complex issue. We know that 77% of young Australian adults report body image distress (Milton et al, 2021), but knowing what to do about it is a bit trickier.

Enter The Embrace Hub. This site is your go-to for all things body image, from resources backed by (non-boring) science to inspiring stories from people around the world – including the stars of the EMBRACE KIDS documentary!

How we feel about our bodies can be confusing, strange and downright overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got your back.

Embrace Hub: The IMPACT


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Countries reached
around the world.

Parents supporting their kids to Embrace their bodies.

Embrace Hub: The Stats

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Embrace Kids is a powerful, uplifting film that tackles some of the biggest issues facing young people today, from body image and bullying to gender identity and more. With the help of famous friends like Celeste Barber, the film encourages young people to figure out what makes them unique and use that to spark change. Recommended for kids aged 9-14 (but grown-ups can watch too!)

My commitment to myself

I will accept and appreciate my body.
I will fuel and move my body because it feels good!
I know that I have special magic – unique only to me.
What I look like is not as important as what I do and who I am being in this world.
I will Embrace my body and encourage other people to do the same.

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