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EMBRACE YOUR BODY PODCAST: Episode 3 – Celebrating Diversity

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One of our key messages to support Kids to Embrace their bodies is to celebrate diversity. This means celebrating the unique things about us, and our contribution to the world around us.

It means pointing out the wide variety of flowers that come together to make a beautiful garden and the range of skilled players it takes for a sports team to win. It means constantly appreciating the fact that we are all different, and that is what makes our family, our school, our community, and our world an awesome place to be. Taking this approach can improve body image as it makes young people less likely to think that they have to strive for, or conform with one unrealistic beauty standard or one social ‘ideal’. 

In this episode, we also talk about inclusion and representation of people of all expressions of gender, all shapes and sizes, people from different cultural backgrounds, and people with disabilities. It’s not perfect, but it starts a conversation about starting a conversation. 

We unpack some of what we see in the Embrace Kids film so that parents can talk this through with their kids. 

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