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Embrace Your Body Podcast: Episode 1 – Key messages to help kids Embrace their bodies

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In this episode, we learn more about our hosts, Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager – who they are and why they are here.

Body image is a complex issue, and people of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes can have concerns about their bodies that hold them back in life. We’re on a mission to change that for us, and for our kids. 

In this episode, Taryn B and Dr Z distill down the 4 key messages we need to be passing on to our kids. These key messages are the themes that run through the Embrace Kids film, and are explained in more detail in the Embrace Kids book for parents. 

  • Celebrate Diversity 
  • Being kind to ourselves
  • Focus on Functionality
  • Social media and real role models

With 30 years’ combined experience, 6 kids, and 4 books between them, this powerful collaboration brings an opportunity to laugh and learn. 

Zebedee launched in the UK in 2017 and is on a mission to improve representation of people with disabilities or differences in fashion and media.

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